Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new eNeuro Blog site.

This site is intended to complement the journal, eNeuro, by providing a venue for content and discussions outside the scope of a scientific publication, but relevant to its content. We hope to build on our growing eNeuro community by providing a forum for thoughtful discussion about science, the peer review process (both in science and at our journal), publication processes, and other topics as we – and you – think of them...

We feel it is important for us to have a space for dialogue and we welcome you to join in the comments below discussion posts. We very much want to hear from you.

As you contribute to the discussion, please remember that we would like to maintain thoughtful discussions and therefore we always want to keep the tone on the blog in support of collaboration and discussion.

In addition to these posts, we will be providing interesting highlights and insights into the research and researchers published in the journal. You will soon find at this site content that highlights published research in eNeuro, including a Beyond the Paper look at an aspect of the research or researchers, a Featured Finding that may highlight a novel tool, or something important from a study. And a series of monthly Editors’ Picks, as our editorial team notes papers of interest to them.

Welcome to the eNeuro Blog!


The eNeuro Editorial Board
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