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Welcome to the eNeuro blog. This blog is intended for readers, reviewers, editors, and authors of eNeuro who wish to participate in discussions of published papers as well as other more general topics of interest. The wider neuroscience community is also most welcome to participate.

This blog supports eNeuro’s mission to provide a venue to share great science. The eNeuro blog provides a forum for discussion and debate around various topics. We invite you to look at the discussion posts and contribute your comments. Additionally, we will provide posts that highlight the researchers and research published in eNeuro.

Categories of blog posts you will find here are:

  • Beyond the Paper – Intended to take research published in eNeuro and highlight the research while telling more of the story about the researchers, or the lab, or the history of this work.
  • Editor's Pick  –  A brief introduction to research published in eNeuro that was of interest to a member of our editorial board.
  • Featured Finding –  Highlights an image that represents a key aspect of research published in eNeuro.
  • Discussion Posts  – The eNeuro Editor-in-Chief would like to have a place for thoughtful dialogue about topics that are relevant to scientists today. Your suggestions for topics are always welcome and we welcome your input to help create a lively and informative exchange of ideas.
  • Reader's Pick – A brief discussion about research published in eNeuro that was of interest to one of our readers.
  • Snapshots in Neuroscience – Highlights an image that showcases the art that neuroscience research can create.
  • Reviewer Recognition – A series that spotlights the work and peer review strategies of reviewers. 

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Our content will continue to grow and evolve over time, with your input. If you have any questions or comments, please contact eNeuroBlog@sfn.org

Blog Header Image: The artwork in the blog header is part of the image featured in the Snapshots in Neuroscience: Hippocampal Somatostatin Interneurons post by Dr. Méndez and colleagues.