Come Discuss the "New Statistics"

As noted in my editorial, eNeuro has launched a new initiative to include estimation statistics in the analysis of results.  To learn more about the approach of using estimation statistics for evaluating evidence, I invite you to read the commentary Estimation for Better Inference in Neuroscience by Robert J Calin-Jageman and Geoff Cumming.

We believe this initiative will contribute to our research community by re-framing how we use statistics and reverts back to its truer intent. And we’d like to hear from you, the community.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with using statistics in your field in the comments below. Have you included this new statistics in your own analyses? Estimation statistics is not for every field of science, what best practices apply to your field? How should we at eNeuro take into consideration the specifics of each field (e.g. when dealing with big numbers)? Do you think it will help combat the reproducibility crisis we currently suffer from in science? Do you think it will improve the way science is done? Do you see any cons in this new approach? Do you have any suggestions/thoughts?

Join the conversation in the comments below.

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