Editor's Pick: Sex differences in long-term response to decrease energy balance

Reviewing Editor Francisca Bronfman, Ph.D. selected this paper and explains why they consider it noteworthy.

The authors target an important question in the field of neurobiology of obesity, addressing whether acute activation of BDNF expressing paraventricular hypothalamic neurons results in reduced energy balance and weight loss. Wu and Xu found that this is the case, however; their results suggest a dimorphic response in animals in the long term.

Female mice responded with an over compensatory mechanism promoting positive energy balance. Their results point to sex differences in the long term response to decrease energy balance. Studies addressing sex differences in metabolism are uncommon although very important.

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Rapid and Lasting Effects of Activating BDNF-Expressing PVH Neurons on Energy Balance
Shaw-wen Wu and Baoji Xu

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Tags: Neuroscience Research, Integrative Systems