In Conversation with Karl Herrup

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“We evolved to draw causal relationships […]. We have always been told to find a reason for what we see.” -Christophe Bernard

screenshot taken from Karl  Herrup and Christophe Bernard's webinar on the Fallacies in Neuroscience

Incorrect interpretation of true facts can lead you astray. What steps can you take to prevent yourself from creating an argument ridden with fallacy?

Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard and Karl Herrup bridge the fields of philosophy and neuroscience in their discussion of a shockingly common issue in neuroscience: distorted interpretation of empirical truths. This error leads to fallacious arguments and illegitimate dogma.

They suggest potential ways scientists can reduce their likelihood of promoting false dogma.

“You are entitled to your hypothesis. It’s when it becomes dogma based on logical fallacies or inconsistencies when we get into trouble.” -Karl Herrup


Fallacies in Neuroscience: The Alzheimer's Edition
Karl Herrup

On Fallacies in Neuroscience
Christophe Bernard


Available on-demand, this episode aired on February 22, 2022.


Episode #2 "Fallacies in Neuroscience" on Neuro Current, the SfN Journals podcast.
Category: Beyond the Paper
Tags: Neuroscience Research, Disorders of the Nervous System