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From the May/June 2019 issue (Vol. 6, Iss. 3), the articles receiving the highest Altmetric Attention Score (Altmetric LLP) are listed below.

Figure 1. Center-out reaching tasks and grip force tasks. Schematic of cued manual force tasks.
Junmo An, Taruna Yadav, John P. Hessburg and Joseph T. Francis
Figure 2. Sharpness ratio, steepness ratio, and PAC all decreased with medication in PD patients. A, Box plots of each measure for patients off medication, on medication, and control participants. Asterisk represents FDR corrected significance at p < 0.05. Note that the on versus off medication comparison was a paired comparison (Wilcoxon sign rank) whereas the off medication versus control comparison was unpaired (Wilcoxon rank sum). B, Individual data for each measure and each patient on and off medications. Each color corresponds to a different participant. Diagonal lines represent unity. C, Scalp topography for on versus off medication for each measure. For each electrode, test statistics below the critical value, indicating significance, were set to zero. Test statistics above the critical value were rescaled and normalized to the percentage of the most significant test statistic, such that 100 would reflect the most significant test statistic.
2. Characteristics of Waveform Shape in Parkinson’s Disease Detected with Scalp Electroencephalography
Nicko Jackson, Scott R. Cole, Bradley Voytek and Nicole C. Swann
Picture naming stimuli: coherent
4.Dynamic brain interactions during picture naming
Aram Giahi-Saravani, Kiefer J. Forseth, Nitin Tandon and Xaq Pitkow
RAD (Rodent Activity Detector)
5.Rodent Activity Detector (RAD), an Open Source Device for Measuring Activity in Rodent Home Cages
Bridget A. Matikainen-Ankney, Marcial Garmendia-Cedillos, Mohamed Ali, Jonathan Krynitsky, Ghadi Salem, Nanami L. Miyazaki, Tom Pohida and Alexxai V. Kravitz

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