In Conversation with Matthew Colonnese

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“Neuroscience is weird!” -MC

screenshot taken from Matthew Colonnese  and Christophe Bernard's webinar

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard and Matthew Colonnese discuss the implications of Colonnese’s investigation characterizing maturation of spontaneous thalamocortical activity as it relates to the visual system.

Removing the eye, the major input for this system, leads to surprising results and ultimately reveals how complex neurodevelopment is.

They further discuss some drawbacks of EEG, which neuroscientists have been evaluating as a diagnostic tool.

“If you want to rewire the eye into a blind person as an adult, you may want to make the thalamus burst at [rates that occur in development].” -MC

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Input-Independent Homeostasis of Developing Thalamocortical Activity
Pouria Riyahi, Marnie A. Phillips, and Matthew T. Colonnese


Available on-demand, this episode aired on June 22, 2021.


Episode #4 of Neuro Current, the SfN Journals podcast.
Category: Beyond the Paper
Tags: Neuroscience Research, Development