Celebrating 10 Years | 2015

The Society for Neuroscience launched its gold open-access journal in November 2014. As founding Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard said in his editorial, “eNeuro at Ten: Just Warming Up,” “eNeuro was designed to serve the community of neuroscientists.”

To celebrate 10 years of eNeuro, throughout the year the blog will highlight findings of some of the most-cited papers published in each year of the journal’s history.


Large-Scale Phenotype-Based Antiepileptic Drug Screening in a Zebrafish Model of Dravet Syndrome
Matthew T. Dinday and Scott C. Baraban

Dravet syndrome is a severe form of epilepsy for which there is no effective treatment. In this study, Dinday and Baraban screened over 1000 drugs in a mutant zebrafish model of the syndrome to identify those with antiepileptic properties. Drug screening studies like this are important because they help lower the time and resource costs for screenings in more advanced species.


neuTube 1.0: A New Design for Efficient Neuron Reconstruction Software Based on the SWC Format
Linqing Feng, Ting Zhao and Jinhyun Kim

Feng et al. introduced the software they developed called neuTube 1.0, which allows researchers to reconstruct neuron morphology from fluorescence image data and to edit standard neuron structure files from other reconstruction software. It is available for free online: www.neutracing.com.

Category: Featured Finding
Tags: Disorders of the Nervous System, Novel Tools and Methods, Neuroscience Research