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“So basically, what you designed is a way to make a stop, rewind, and play again.” – Christophe Bernard
“[...] in principle, you can just combine genetic manipulation with early neuron differentiation." – Felix Schneider
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In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Christophe Bernard talks with Felix Schneider about the trials and errors of developing his neuron replating technique. Schneider details how he used this method to manipulate cellular neurodevelopmental pathways and emphasizes why the first two days are so critical.

They also discuss the benefit of having a venue to publish protocols for others to access. Bernard asks Schneider specifically about publishing a protocol in eNeuro as an Open-Source Tools and Methods paper, and Schneider says it was a good experience.

“…I had the impression that the reviewers were really more interested in the stuff you did, for establishing the protocols, and really asking more specific questions, and really to improve the technique itself…I found it quite good the revision stage.”– Christophe Bernard


Neuron Replating, a Powerful and Versatile Approach to Study Early Aspects of Neuron Differentiation
Felix Schneider, Thuy-An Duong, and Marco B. Rust

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Available on-demand, this episode aired on July 27, 2021.


Episode #7 "Neuron Replating, a Powerful and Versatile Approach To Study Early Aspects of Neuron Differentiation" on Neuro Current, the SfN Journals podcast.
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